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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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unknow artist
Old market woman

ID: 41237

unknow artist Old market woman
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unknow artist Old market woman

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unknow artist

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(circa 1800-1842) was a landscape painter of Portland, Maine. His art is featured at the Portland Museum of Art as mature, fine early American landscape painting. Codman was probably from Boston and was apprenticed to the ornamental painter, John Ritto Penniman. Codman began as a decorative painter and had no formal training but eventually produced mature works of romance and beauty. One of his more important commissions was to design and paint five fireboards (decorative panels placed over hearths during the summertime) in the landscape style, for the Portland mansion of shipbuilder James Deering. He also filled commissions for both portraiture and decorative arts.
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Italian painter/woodcutter (c. 1480-c. 1523).

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