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Jan 8, 1830 - Feb 18, 1902. German-American painter.

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97721 A portrait of Sarah Bernhardt Alfred Stevens A portrait of Sarah Bernhardt oil on canvas. 33 x 24.8 cm Date c. 1882 cyf
94258 Allegory of the night Alfred Stevens Allegory of the night cjr
64363 autumn flowers Alfred Stevens autumn flowers 1869 brussels, muse'e royal des beaux-arts
73466 Elegants sur les Boulevards Alfred Stevens Elegants sur les Boulevards Original Photograph of Oil Painting "ElXgants sur les Boulevards" by Alfred Stevens (owned by myself and purchased form Cosmopolitan Art Gallery La Jolla, CA, USA)
75149 Elegants sur les Boulevards Alfred Stevens Elegants sur les Boulevards English: Original Photograph of Oil Painting "Elegants sur les Boulevards" by Alfred Stevens (owned by myself and purchased form Cosmopolitan Art Gallery La Jolla, CA, USA) Date ca. 1888 cyf
54045 Family Scene Alfred Stevens Family Scene mk235 c.1880 Oil on canvas 65.3x51.5cm
97067 La Fillette aux canards Alfred Stevens La Fillette aux canards 1881. Oil on canvas. 101 x 74 cm cyf
96768 La Parisienne Alfred Stevens La Parisienne oil on canvas, 92.5 x 60 cm Date 1880(1880) cyf
94257 Original Photograph Alfred Stevens Original Photograph c. 1888 cjr
70927 Pleasant Letter Alfred Stevens Pleasant Letter Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 66 x 55 cm
94256 Reverie Alfred Stevens Reverie circa 1878(1878) Medium oil on canvas cjr
3732 The Bath (san06) Alfred Stevens The Bath (san06) 1867 Musee d'Orsay, Paris
3731 The Desperate Woman Alfred Stevens The Desperate Woman Musee Royal des Beaux Arts, Antwerp
94255 The Japanese Parisian. Alfred Stevens The Japanese Parisian. 1872(1872) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 105 x 150 cm (41.3 x 59.1 in) cjr
96769 The short sighted woman Alfred Stevens The short sighted woman oil on canvas, 41 x 33 cm Date 1903 cyf
11063 What Is Called Vagrancy Alfred Stevens What Is Called Vagrancy 1855()1855 Exposition Universelle 4'4'' x 5' 3 3/4''(132 x 162cm)Bequest of Leon Lhermitte,1926

Alfred Stevens
1823-1906 Alfred Stevens Galleries Flemish Alfred Emile Stevens (May 11, 1823 - August 29, 1906) , Belgian painter, was born in Brussels. El??gants sur les BoulevardsHis father, an old officer in the service of William I of the Netherlands, was passionately fond of pictures, and readily allowed his son to draw in the studio of François Navez, director of the Brussels Academy. In 1844 Stevens went to Paris and worked under the instructing of Camille Roqueplan, a friend of his father's; he also attended the classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, where Ingres was then professor. In 1849 he painted at Brussels his first picture, A Soldier in Trouble, and in the same year went back to Paris, where he definitely settled, and exhibited in the Salons. He then painted Ash-Wednesday Morning, Burghers and Country People finding at Daybreak the Body of a Murdered Gentleman, An Artist in Despair, and The Love of Gold. Allegory of the Night MSK, Oostende, BelgiumIn 1855 he exhibited at the Antwerp Salon a little picture called At Home, which showed the painter's bent towards depicting ladies of fashion. At the Great Exhibition in Paris, 1855, his contributions were remarkable, but in 1857 he returned to graceful female subjects, and his path thenceforth was clear before him. At the Great Exhibition of 1867 he was seen in a brilliant variety of works in the manner he had made his own, sending eighteen exquisite paintings; among them were the Lady in Pink (in the Brussels Gallery), Consolation, Every Good Fortune, Miss Fauvette, Ophelia, and India in Paris. At the Paris International Exhibitions of 1878 and 1889, and at the Historical Exhibition of Belgian Art, Brussels, 1880, he exhibited The Four Seasons (in the Palace at Brussels), The Parisian Sphinx, The Japanese Mask, The Japanese Robe, and The Lady-bird (Brussels Gallery). "Alfred Stevens is one of the race of great painters," wrote Camille Lemonnier, "and like them he takes immense pains with the execution of his work." The example of his finished technique was salutary, not merely to his brethren in Belgium, but to many foreign painters who received encouragement from the study of his method. The brother of Alfred Stevens, Joseph Stevens, was a great painter of dogs and dog life. See J. du Jardin, L'Art flamand; Camille Lemonnier, Histoire des beaux arts en Belgique.
Albert Bierstadt
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